With twists, turns and dead ends aplenty in an endless labyrinth of tunnels and doors, there is no easy escape for visitors who venture into Yorkshire’s Forbidden Corner. Recently named as the winner of the ‘Best Large Visitor Attraction’ award, a visit here promises to be an adventure to be remembered.

This quirky attraction has all manner of fascinating curiosities and oddities meaning you never know what you’ll be faced with next. The manner of its existence is as strange as its nature with the attraction originally built as a private venture for a man named Colin Armstrong.

The work began with creating a walled garden to protect against the high winds and shortly after, the creation of a small cave was suggested. Needless to say the ‘small hole’ for the cave somehow morphed into a huge 25-foot-deep chasm however, heavy rain meant the walls kept collapsing leaving poor old Colin with a big mess. However, Colin’s fortunes improved the following summer and he was able to complete his vision and opened to the public in 1994. However, in his haste for completion he neglected to apply for planning permission which didn’t sit well with the local planning authority and so began the fight to save the now popular forbidden corner.

After some fierce campaigning and a deluge of local support retrospective planning permission was granted to The Forbidden Corner in the year 2000 and to this day visitors enjoy exploring the most mysterious corner of Yorkshire.