Hastings Pier is a fascinating historic attraction which sadly has fallen on hard times in the last few years. It was tragically burnt down in 2010 and two men were arrested on suspicion of Arson. However, the local community refused to be put down for long and started a successful campaign to have the pier rebuilt.

The rebuild relied very much on the local population’s altruistic attitude towards their community and their determination to restore Hastings pier to its former glory. The new owner generated cash by piloting a ‘Buy a Share if you Care’ scheme where patrons were able to invest in a venture not for profit but as an investment in their community. For some, the pier restoration project is already offering returns as the project has provided employment for a large number of local contractors. However, for the majority of shareholders the true value of their investment will only be felt when Hastings pier is once again up and running.

The People's Pier








The share scheme was a fantastic success and the restoration project has raised a mammoth sum of 14.2 million pounds which has all gone towards rebuilding the pier and its new facilities. There will be an all new visitors centre and the pier has plans to host live music events, circus acts, art exhibitions and cinema screenings among other things.

So far they have installed an incredible 50 miles of new deck board fixed with half a million screws which lies on top of 18 miles of joists, fastened with 12,000 bolts. They have also replaced an incredible 70% of the steel work and erected 400 new bull rails. The new pier is expected to open in spring 2016 so if you’re visiting around then keep your eyes peeled for the grand unveiling of the new and improved Hastings pier.

Watch the video below to see the dramatic blaze which decimated the former pier.