There is no better excuse for drinking too many cocktails than when you are on holiday. Fact. Having your own balcony or hot tub pretty much makes an alcoholic accompaniment obligatory and lets face it, rules are rules.

In light of this scientific statement Holidays In Britain have compiled a list of the top 10 cocktails to make this holiday. Enjoy…

The Porn Star Martini

As with every cocktail which endeavors to make ordering in a restaurant as awkward as possible, the porn star martini is no exception.

This drink is made with vanilla infused vodka mixed together with passion fruit puree, passion fruit syrup and passion fruit liquor in a chilled martini glass. In true James Bond style this cocktail should be shaken not stirred.

The Porn Star Martini is served with a prosecco shot on the side. The drinker is supposed to alternate between the cocktail and shot for the full effect.

Whether you choose the one sip to one sip ratio or opt for the one sip to one shot method its up to you.


 Whisky Caipirinha

Bring the carnival atmosphere to your holiday with a twist on the classic Caipirinha, Brazil’s national drink. Made with just 3 simple ingredients this is a great option for those who are more concerned with the drinking rather than the preparation (so everyone).

The Whisky Caipirinha combines lemon (or lime) together with sugar and whisky and ice cubes in a glass. The result is a warm and mellow drink perfect to take your time over.

Caipirinha cocktail on bar top

Caipirinha cocktail on bar top


Moscow Mule

This little ginger ninja originates from America although you’d be forgiven for thinking Russia. Like all red heads this feisty beverage has a fiery kick and can give you an even fiercer headache in the morning should you over indulge.

To make a Moscow Mule you’ll need good quality vodka,  spicy ginger beer and fresh limes served in a copper glass.


Black Velvet

This beer cocktail is a great option for men who don’t to suffer the loss of manly pride that comes with ordering a porn star martini.

Made with Guinness and champagne (or sparkling white wine) this cocktail is a great way to celebrate St Partrick’s Day.


Flaming Hootchie Mama

If you prefer a drink with the potential to burn your face off then the Flaming Hootchie Mama is the one for you.

To make it you’ll need Bacardi rum, Bacardi silver rum and vanilla schnapps served in a martini glass. Combine the ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker and strain into the glass.

Set the contents on fire for a show stopping effect – the longer you keep the drink flaming the less alcohol in the drink. As appealing as putting your face near burning alcohol is, don’t drink this whilst the fire is still burning!!

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